Articles from August 2011

Calling all volunteers!

We need a few volunteers — and their Greyhounds, of course — for the following fall events:

    Sept. 17: Pet Day at the Collierville YMCA. Shifts are from 9-10:30 a.m. or 10:30 a.m. to noon.

    Sept. 25: PKD Walk at Patriot Lake/Shelby Farms. Registration is at 11:30 a.m. with the walk beginning at 1 p.m.

    Oct. 2: Seventh Annual Blessing of the Pets, Immaculate Conception in Memphis, 2 p.m.

If you can volunteer for any of these events, please email Volunteer Coordinator Cynde Dayne at [email protected].

Coordinator Needed for New Meet and Greet

Want to give some time to a Greyt cause? MSGAO is looking for a few good people to staff a new Meet and Greet location — Hollywood Feed on Broad in Memphis — one Saturday per month.

Talking up Greyhounds at a Meet and Greet event.

We need a setup person/coordinator and some others who are willing to be on the contact list each month to attend, with their Greyhounds, of course!

Volunteer Coordinator Cynde Dayne believes Hollywood will let the setup person choose the regular date for the Meet and Greet, such as the first or second Saturday of the month.

Meet and Greet events help raise money and awareness of the adoptability of retired racers. The dogs enjoy the attention, by the way!

Help spread the word about Greyhound adoption and have some fun along the way (and you can get your pet shopping done, too!). Cynde can be reached through the Friends of MSGAO Facebook page or via email at [email protected].

On the road to new homes!

Dazed (B’s Star Dazed) relaxes outside the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky., Sunday, waiting to be picked up by volunteers with Shamrock Greyhound Placement. Bubba and Big John also were on the road with Dazed, making their way to new homes. Bubba’s new family just finished installing a fence yesterday!

Groove with Greyhounds at 2011 Reunion

Reunion time is drawing near! “The Sixties” is the theme for the 2011 reunion, which brings together adopters and their dogs for a celebration of all things Greyhound. The registration form is being mailed, but if you want to get a jump on sending it in, a copy is below. The Sixties theme promises to be fun. Imagine the possibilities for the costume contest!

If you are coming from out of town, Greyhound-friendly lodgings are available nearby. Contact Econolodge at (870) 732-2830 or Motel 6 at (870) 735-0100.

We’re looking forward to seeing you and your hounds! Remember, be there or be square!

We had some special visitors yesterday!

Dave the Dog and Flupascrackerbox returned to Southland on Saturday. Look who stopped in for a visit! :)

Congratulations to Our Latest Adopters!

Click on the image to view the latest happy hounds who have found their forever homes!

More accolades for boy dogs!

Praise for male greyhounds continues to roll in since we asked for opinions on whether their size poses an issue to their adoptive families. As the testimonials will show, size does not matter!

Bill: I currently have three boys and one girl and have lost three girls. Of my seven, I have had three that were extremely clingy — two girls and a boy. I find no difference between the boys and girls. What I do find is that the shy ones are more loving once you win their trust. I also find that the girls are the alpha.

Anthony: I’ve had Jax (aka Runner) for three years now and he really is a little dog in a big dog body. he just wants to be a lap dog. He’s everything I could have asked for in a friend.

Cynde: As I write this my boy Admiral is literally laying across my lap dead asleep. I have had five boys and two girls (greys) and while the girls are sweet and of course I love(d) them dearly, in my experience the boys are more affectionate and always at my side. Boys rock!

Cindy: Our male “Get Over” is a very affectionate Grey, he loves to BE loved. I was afraid to bring a male onto the house because they like to “mark” their territory, but I haven’t had a single problem with him and the other 2 females. I kind of wish I would have gotten all males because the 2 females compete for everything!!!

Nancy: I want the biggest boy I can find! I miss my sweet baby that I had to put to sleep 2 years ago. I live in an area that isn’t covered by any rescue groups. I’d take 2 boys in a heartbeat!

James: Our boy “Bear” is the bestest dog EVER! A true gentle giant.

Angela: Our boy, Okie, is a gentle sweetheart!

John: Dillard is pushing 80 pounds, he’s probably the most laid back, relaxed dog i’ve ever seen. Very gentle with kids and sweet to everyone.

Linda: People say to me all the time “I want a small greyhound.” Well, it seems to me by the time they get to greyhound size, size doesn’t matter. I have a girl Aylee and a boy Thunder. Thunder is more boisterous but also has more personality.

Lynn: I had a 78-pound boy who was the most “chill” dog in the world. Now I have a 61-pound boy who everyone thinks is a girl because he is so small!

Girls vs. Boys

Girls are flying out the door lately at MSGAO, which makes us wonder whether boys are facing some gender discrimination. We asked owners of male Greyhounds to help overcome this apparent prejudice and perhaps dispel some myths about males that may be hindering their adoption. Here’s what they have to say:

Pat: Our Lenny (male) is wonderful and much more “less needy” that our KeeKee (female). I was totally against a male, but he is a true people person. His size is no big deal because he curls up in ball and doesn’t take up much space at all on the couch or in the bed.

Julie: I went in 6 years ago, and I HAD to adopt a girl (I’d never owned a boy dog before. I especially had “concerns” about the “marking their territory” thing). But, I fell in love with Lucky Dog (PNJ’s Rob) when I met him. The “marking of the territory” is not a big deal, although he does like to stop a little on walks to sniff around (I’ll partially place that blame on me cause I let him :-)). He is a total sweetheart, and everyone who meets him loves him. His size doesn’t matter at all — I don’t even pay attention to it. He does stretch out, but he loves curling up as well. I’ve found that girl vs. boy doesn’t matter to me now at all. It’s all in the personality!!! Love my sweet boy Lucky Dog!!!

Christina: My husband and I came in over 4 years ago for a girl, but one of the largest boys in the kennel chose us, and I have never regretted it. Eames (Flying Best One) is large, but super gentle and snuggly. He doesn’t take up much room when he is curled up. Also, we haven’t had any problems with marking. The only time he has had accidents is if he is sick, or we forget to put him in his kennel. I adore my 85-pound male and his wonderful personality.

Deborah: Our male Ace (Starz Money Man) is greyt. I really LOVE males. They take up no more room than any other grey. When he lays down, it is usually in a ball, or close to it. He isn’t as moody as our other females we have had (non-grey). He is an 80-pound bundle of joy.

Rachel: There are small boys, too, like my Packer, who only weighs about 70 pounds. He’s a good boy — such a happy boy!

Adam: BOYS ARE THE BEST! I have found the boys to be more affectionate than the females ( I have had both). As for size, 10 -15 pounds more in a male over a female is really not a big deal. My Leopold can sleep in my mini-greyhound’s bed just as easily as my female could =). I have been volunteering with MSGAO for 6 years now and I still start my speech to potential adopters the same way: “Please do not overlook the best dog for your family because of size, sex, color or age. Come to the kennel with an open mind and a loving heart and let the perfect dog choose you.”