Special-Needs Greyhounds

Special-needs greyhounds need special adopters who have the time and the financial wherewithal to care for them. MSGAO’s special-needs greyhounds may require significant medical attention for issues such as seizures, birth defects or injury rehabilitation.

Before releasing a special-needs greyhound for adoption, MSGAO expends every resource to ensure the dog is in the best possible condition. However, some conditions require extended, perhaps lifelong, use of medication or veterinary treatments.

These special needs do not preclude these hounds’ ability to enjoy life or to be cherished family members. If your financial situation allows you to open your home to one of these hounds, we have a few who would love to join your family. When you visit the kennel, please mention your interest in these special dogs and we will introduce you to them.



Dusty (aka Sam Gash) is a special-needs greyhound currently awaiting a forever home. Dusty suffers seizures, which are controlled by medication.  Dusty has been available for adoption way too long considering the sweet hound that he is.   He will be a superior pet to a family that remains diligent in continuing his treatment.  Dusty proved his sweet nature and ability to adapt to home life during a holiday fostering experience.  Give Dusty a chance and he will reward you with undying affection! Check out Dusty at: Dusty.