Articles from February 2014

MSGAO Supports GPA Nashville Winter Gathering

MSGAO representatives Vicki and Paul Cohen were among several volunteers who helped raise $300 for GPA Nashville by giving mani-pedis at the Winter Gathering in Murfreesboro, Tenn., on Feb. 16. Click on the image below to learn more. MSGAO was presented a $500 Costco gift card by GPA Nashville. MSGAO supplies hounds for adoption to the all-volunteer Nashville organization.

GPA Nashville 2014

Changes to Adoption Fees Coming March 1

To cover rising costs, some changes are being made to the MSGAO adoption fee structure. A01_greyhound

As of March 1, 2014, a $50 deposit will be required to process an adoption application. When you complete the online adoption application, please immediately mail your deposit to MSGAO at P.O. Box 2088, 1550 N. Ingram Blvd., West Memphis, Arkansas 72301. Receipt of the deposit will trigger the reference checks that are performed to approve potential adopters. Deposits also are accepted via PayPal.

The deposit will be applied to the $275 adoption fee (also rising beginning March 1, 2014), which is non-refundable. The $275 adoption fee covers a neuter or spay, a blood panel, tick panel, heartworm test, and a full dental. In addition, your new greyhound will be up to date on all vaccinations for a year. Greyhounds from MSGAO have been on monthly heartworm preventive and are free of fleas and ticks. With every adoption, we will provide a free 1″ black martingale collar.

Adopters whose applications were approved before March 1, 2014, will still pay the $250 adoption fee that was in force at the time their applications were filed. People who have previously adopted greyhounds do not have to file new applications.

The costs associated with the veterinary services provided to prepare the greyhounds for adoption have been rising since the $250 fee was instituted about nine years ago, hence the price increase.

Greyhound Magic!

Greyhounds are very special pets. In fact, they quickly become members of the family. If you don’t believe us, read the words of recent adopter Caleb on his experience welcoming Magic Obama into his life.

“I really, honestly did not believe you all. I wanted to, but there was no way that greyhounds are as loving and special as you all said they were. I knew he was going to be a good dog when he laid down 5 minutes into the ride. On the drive back, we stopped for a very, very brief visit at my grandparents. After finding out my grandfather used to have a greyhound, we brought this dog in their house and he was so well behaved.

Magic Obama has totally charmed his adopter!

Magic Obama has totally charmed his adopter!

“I’ve learned to look forward to the leaning hug, the one-legged shakes, and the ‘always at your side’ magnetism.

“There are very few things that can put as big a smile on my face as when he lays his head on whatever part of my body he can reach. I didn’t know a dog could make me laugh so hard watching him learn new things. I didn’t know a dog could be so much fun to dress up. I didn’t know how eager he would be to learn about us and eager to please us. I didn’t believe you when you said that this breed was THIS special. I believe you now.”
– Shared on MSGAO’s Facebook Page

Pet Photographer Donates to MSGAO

We’re putting in an official MSGAO plug for Memphis Mutts Pet Photography by Erica Abernathy, who donates 10% of purchases to the clients’ choice of rescue or shelter.

She asks anyone who hires her to choose MSGAO as the shelter of their choice. Check her out! Email
[email protected] or phone (90) 337-4733. View her work at: “When pet photography meets reality.”

Greyhound photo by Erica Abernathy (used without permission, but we hope she doesn't mind)

Greyhound photo by Erica Abernathy (used without permission, but we hope she doesn’t mind)