Mid-South Greyhound Adoption Option, partially funded by and located on the grounds of Southland Park Gaming & Racing, continues tologosmaller be successful in placing retired racing greyhounds in loving homes.  It currently places an average of 130 greyhounds per year in new homes as well as providing dogs to adoption programs in other states.

The adoption kennel can provide temporary homes for 30 dogs awaiting adoption at any one time.  Dogs stay in the program until they are rehomed.  It also provides boarding services for greyhounds for a reasonable fee, both as a service and a fund-raiser.

Lance_trackIn addition, MSGAO educates the public about the adoptability of greyhounds through “meet and greet” events in a number of communities as well as appearances at community events. Many of our alumni have gone on to become therapy dogs. Our kennel is available for school and community group tours, allowing us to spread the word about the pet-ability of these magnificent animals. A large part of the education process is dispelling the myths prevalent about greyhounds.

Southland Park Gaming & Racing helped establish MSGAO in 1991 as a nonprofit group in West Memphis, Ark.  MSGAO continues to be a valuable asset to the West Memphis community.