Articles from January 2013

My greyhound is the coolest pet because …

Mid-South Greyhound Adoption Option promised to share some male perspectives on why adopted greyhounds are the coolest pets ever.  While the men who visit our Friends of MSGAO Facebook page were a bit more reticent than the female members, we have this sampling of feelings to share.

A loving face (image courtesy of Kim Marks, via Friends of MSGAO Facebook page)

Scott Macintire:   Because when I study in the most uncomfortable room in the house, she’s at my feet because she just wants the company.

Greg Steed:   They ask for nothing and give everything.

James R. Fisher:  They love me unconditionally. ‘Nuff said.

Tim Mallette:  He is an incredibly good sport when my nephew comes over and bonks him on the nose in an attempt to pet him.