Articles from August 2013

Davy and Monster Make Stage Debut

The four-legged stars of The Royal Family” production of Theatre Memphis are ready for their debut! MSGAO Director Vicki Cohen and Monster and Davy‘s owner Sue Arlotta crafted special collars fit for kings so the greyhounds would look fittingly regal. Opening night was a great success. “The audience really did ooh and aah when they came on stage tonight wearing these. And they were such a big hit at the after party!” Sue reports.

Greyhound adopter Gail Black, who attended the opening night performance Aug. 16, said, “The cast and staff at the theatre are solid fans of greyhounds now! A special night for MSGAO, and greyhounds!”

Monster, Davy and MSGAO Director Vicki Cohen

A special MSGAO night at the theater is set for Aug. 31. When you call (901) 682-8323 to reserve your tickets, mention MSGAO and you’ll get a $10 discount on the usual $25 price

Local Greyhounds Appearing in Theatre Memphis Production

We’re betting some retired racing greyhounds steal the show when The Royal Family is staged by Theatre Memphis Aug. 16 to Sept. 1.


The play, written by George S. Kaufman and Edna Ferber, parodies the renowned Barrymore family of actors.  It includes a scene that requires two greyhounds, roles being admirably filled by none other than Monster (aka Monster Chaos) and Davy (KGB Davys Locker).  Adopter and  MSGAO volunteer Sue Arlotta graciously allowed her pups to demonstrate their acting chops, with Vicki Cohen, MSGAO director, giving her time to dog-wrangling/stage mother duties.


Monster and Davy will be stealing the show in the Theatre Memphis production of The Royal Family.

The dogs attended numerous rehearsals in preparation for their debut on stage.   “We have finished our first week of rehearsals and Davy and Monster are pros!” Vicki reports.  “On our first night we did the first walk-through in slow motion. Very good. The director called for the second try a little faster. Very good. On the third try the director said to go at full speed with the scream. ‘Scream?’  (I hadn’t seen a script).”

“Davy pulls me into the building. They are loving this!”  Vicki says.

And according to Vicki, the play’s director also told the cast: “And you do realize that it doesn’t matter what you’re saying, no one is listening to you.”

It’s obvious Monster and Davy are going to steal the show and provide excellent advertisement for greyhound adoption.  The Playbill will include information on MSGAO and a lobby poster will promote the adoption program.

“Everyone is thrilled to have the greyhounds on the stage,” Vicki notes.  Maybe some of the actors will be inspired to get greyhounds of their very own!

For details on the play and ticket information, go to Greyhound adopters who attend the performance can get $5 off the adult price of $25 if they call the box office with the code CARDMSRF. The box office number is (901) 682-8323.

Let’s get all the Greyhound lovers here to support Davy and Monster and spread the word about adoption!

Greyhound Field Trip

Vicki Cohen, director of Mid-South Greyhound Adoption Option, and Rachel Hogue, a trainer for North Shore Kennel at Southland Park Gaming and Racing, spread the word about greyhound adoption on Aug. 1 at Hutchison School in Memphis.  Rachel is a graduate of  Hutchison, the Class of 2005.

Accompanying them were Dewty, Rachel’s recently adopted ex-racer, and Sylvie, adopted by Paula Pilgrim.  This was Dewty’s first volunteer experience since he is fresh off the track.  Sylvie is a veteran meet-and-greeter along with participating in numerous other greyhound adoption events.  Sylvie also has served as a therapy dog visiting Youth Villages in Memphis.

Vicki and Rachel spoke with a crowd of about 50 girls ages 6 to 10. The girls learned about the evolution of a greyhound’s experience, from life on the farm as a puppy, to  schooling, to racing and then to adoption.  They also shared general facts about the breed.

Let’s hope some of the girls are inspired to someday adopt a fine greyhound of their own!  We thank Hutchison School for inviting MSGAO for this interesting field trip!  (Click on the picture for a larger view.)

Photo courtesy Hutchison School Facebook Page