Articles from January 2014

Greys and Kids?

Have you been wanting a greyhound but are worried about how the dog will do with children? Here’s what our adopters have to say on this topic.

Elmo watches over his new family member, Tripp.

Elmo watches over his new family member, Tripp.

Courtney Miller Santo: I can’t speak for everyone, but we have children 10 and 8 and the grey was the perfect choice for us. We did it at Christmas last year and our boy adapted easily to the family.

Glenna Bradshaw: Our greys have always been very loving toward kids. I could not have them if they weren’t because I don’t want anything around my grand kids that I have to worry about.

Tim Graham: I can tell you with 100% certainty that a greyhound makes the PERFECT family pet. Our kids are a little older now, but they weren’t when we adopted the first time. They aren’t all small-kid friendly, or cat friendly, or small-dog safe;, but whatever the criteria your family meets, there will always be a greyhound that’s a perfect fit. Take the family, spend some time at the kennel, and your perfect grey will find you. We’ve all done it, most of us multiple times, and I don’t think you’ll find a greyhound owner here or anywhere in the world that would ever tell you anything different. Most of us can’t imagine sharing our home with anything but a greyhound.

Christina Murray Wiley: I have a 9-year-old grey and he has always been the most gentle to kids, letting them tug and pull and never losing his gentleness. We got him after much research because we wanted a dog that would transition well as our family grows. I have my first baby on the way next month and have no worries about Eames with our new addition!

Carrie Mills Sealey: Ours are amazing with all our nephews and are protective of newborn son. They really are amazing.

Gracie is gracious to neighborhood kids, who clearly adore her.

Gracie is gracious to neighborhood kids, who clearly adore her.

Brent David: Zack had to pass the grandkid test when we got him. Passed with flying colors! My grandkids when smaller used to get into the crate with him. When he had enough he’d kiss them with his very wet nose and tongue or he’d leave them to it and go sleep on the couch.

Brandi Bennett Mulvihill: We adopted Molly from MSGAO when my oldest son was 2. She was very tolerant of his toddler antics. When son #2 came along she spent a lot of time near his crib. As they grew Molly became their favorite playmate, often racing around the back yard together.

MSGAO pretests the adoptable dogs for their ability to get along with small children, cats and small dogs. If your home includes any of those human and furry family members, the staff will steer you away from any dog that failed those tests. We want adoptions to be a greyt success!