Articles from September 2011

MSGAO Alumni Featured in Commercial Appeal

Check out the link below to read about Speedy and Stormy, two MSGAO alumni who bring joy and health benefits to residents of the Memphis Jewish Home in Cordova, Tennessee.

The Commercial Appeal reports that Stormy and Speedy, sibling greyhounds who retired from racing in 2006 and 2007, respectively, took up residence at the Cordova home a little more than a year ago. “They have been loved ever since they came in the door,” said Alene Roberts, the home’s activity coordinator.

The CA reports the lanky canines were adopted from the Mid-South Greyhound Adoption Option in May 2010 in an effort to benefit the health of residents and visiting rehabilitation patients. So far, so good.

“Everybody just loves them, even the people who are here for a short time,” said Jole Ashner, community relations director for the facility. “They really just brighten everyone’s day,” the CA reports.

Read the full article by clicking on the link below.

Speedy and Stormy

A ‘Glamour’-ous Homecoming

Deborah Germany reports on Glamour’s homecoming. It’s a sweet story worth sharing.

“Glamour has settled right into her new home with me and her personality blossoms more and more every day. The entire neighborhood has fallen in love with her, and everyone comes out to see her when we walk. She’s really learning to enjoy all the attention she gets.

“I took her to visit my elderly parents, and she was great with them. They were very amused that she explored every room in their house, looking at everything.

“She is indeed a collector! She loves hand towels, takes them off their ring, and carries them to her bed where she keeps them with her toys. She and Tupelo are getting along great. She let him know he couldn’t walk on her bed, and he let her know that she couldn’t eat his food, but since they established that early on, they’ve done fine.

“I thought you might enjoy this photo of her taken the night we got home. She collected her toys and settled into her bed just like she’d been doing that every single night. Thanks for introducing me to Glamour, and thanks for all the dogs and humans you’ve brought together!”

Greys Shine at Collierville YMCA Pet Day

MSGAO was represented in fine fashion by the many hounds who turned out to promote Greyhound adoption at the Pet Day event sponsored by the Collierville YMCA. Click on the image below to see a larger version.

MSGAO Gets Publicity

MSGAO got some good press in a recent issue of CG Magazine. The CG stand for Celebrating Greyhounds, something we adopters do every day! Celebrating Greyhounds is a quarterly publication for Greyhound adopters, owners, and friends. Made possible through the cooperative efforts of individuals and Greyhound adoption organizations, it is published under the auspices of The Greyhound Project, Inc., a nonprofit corporation.

Click on the images below to see the article mentioning MSGAO and featuring some local dogs. If you’d like to become a subscriber, the link below will take you to the magazine’s online subscription page.

A Special Greyhound

Looking for a dog with more energy than your typical greyhound? Look no further, because Muncher is the dog for you! He’s got loads of energy, loves toys, and can’t wait to get out of the kennel to start a new life in a home. :)