Articles from January 2012

Greyhounds taking center stage in TV ads!

Watch this VW commercial all the way through to see who steals the show at the end!

And then there’s the Skechers’ ad, which also features greyhounds. The entire ad will be unveiled during the Super Bowl. While this ad has stirred controversy, let us hope that it enhances awareness that leads to more greyhound adoptions.

A Happy Hound in a Happy Home

Denise Choate shares an update on her adoption experience. Click on the image below to see Gordy’s story.

Meet and Greet Fun

Kids say the funniest things at Meet and Greet events. At the Cordova Petco on Jan. 14, this little boy, as he approached a brindle from behind, spouted: “This is a big cat!” He got up close and personal with several greys in attendance, helping demonstrate the sweet temperament of these wonderful dogs.

And if you don’t own one of these fine dogs, where else but at a meet and greet can you get a big ol’ greyhound kiss?

A tribute to Carley

Carley, who raced under the name Iruska Carlyn at 56 pounds, was our first Greyhound. She was born in August 1998 and came to live with us in December 2001. Carley was a red fawn with huge dark eyes and a white face.

Carley loved everyone and everything. She began meets and greets in the summer of 2002. She greeted every person as a friend she hadn’t seen in a while.

Her favorite toys were stuffed animals, especially our grandson’s teddy bear. Carley learned early on she couldn’t keep the teddy bear unless she could trick us by laying down with her front legs crossed over it.

Carley never met a piece of food she didn’t love. Scrambled egg in the morning, yogurt in the evening with special treats of bananas, peaches, carrots and hot peppers made for a perfect day.

Carley loved shopping in the cat toy aisles. Small fuzzy mice fit perfectly behind her teeth, leaving only the tail hanging out. Her other passion was purple Mardi Gras beads.

In June 2011, Carley was diagnosed with an enlarged heart. Medication kept her with us until Nov. 18, 2011.

She is greatly missed by all.

John and Judy Miller
Beau and Bebe