Meet-and-Greet events raise awareness of MSGAO’s efforts to rehome retired racers. Volunteering only takes about two hours a month.

Help Us Spread the Word about Greyhound Adoption

Mid-South Greyhound Adoption Option depends on volunteers to help spread the word about the joys of sharing life with a retired racer. Among the activities that build awareness about our wonderful program are regularly scheduled meet-and-greet (M&G) events as well as attendance at pet-related festivals.

MSGAO often needs volunteers to man (and dog?) our booth at special events such as Santa Paws Village.

Being a volunteer generally takes about two hours a month, if you join the M&G circuit. Check out the list of regularly scheduled events on the sidebar. When you meet and greet you get the opportunity to dispel the myths about greyhounds — they’re hyper, they need a lot of exercise — while your dog gets to spend some time with his pals. An added benefit is seeing the wonder in people’s eyes as they discover how gentle and loving greyhounds are.

If you don’t have a lot of spare time to devote to meeting and greeting, there are other ways to give back to the program that enriched your life.

Simply walking your dog spreads the word about greyhound adoption.

Group Walks: MSGAO adopters occasionally get together for group walks in parks and along the greenways that have proliferated in the Memphis area. These “mobile” meet and greets get our dogs in public view, where others walking and riding will stop in their tracks to admire these stately pooches. Invitations are posted on our Facebook page (Friends of Mid-South Greyhound Adoption Option). Don’t hesitate to suggest a group walk! All you need to do is post a time, a date and a location.

Lenny raises funds at the Down to Earth Festival for fellow greyhounds awaiting adoption.

Special Events: Watch our Facebook page for alerts on special events where greyhounds can be showcased. Examples include pet blessings, adoption festivals and MSGAO-sponsored events, like Bark in the Park. Your pet will enjoy the attention greyhounds always attract!

Donations — money and items that can be used for fund-raising auctions and drawings — are another way to support MSGAO. Click on the Donate Now button to make a donation or watch the Facebook page for other opportunities to give. If you are inspired to volunteer, contact Cynde Vaughn. Her email address is on our Contacts page.

MSGAO deeply appreciates the efforts of its volunteers to spread the word on the joys of greyhound adoption.

Romi raises awareness about greyhound adoption at the Mid-South Community College 5K.