Articles from November 2011

4LegCelebrity Website Features MSGAO!

A website devoted to celebrity dogs and dogs owned by celebrities features a question-and-answer session with Vicki Cohen! It’s nice publicity for the program.

Check out the story via this link:

The story gives full contact information for the adoption kennel as well as links to available hounds. Some greyhound stats and trivia also are provided, along with two photos taken at the kennel, one featuring Lynn!

MSGAO’s Cover Girl!

Our own Sylvie, adopted by Paula Pilgrim, is the cover girl on the upcoming issue of CG Magazine. You can see the cover featured on CG Magazine’s Facebook page at the following link. Syvlie will be the page’s identifying icon until the next issue rolls around!

Make sure you subscribe so you can read Paula’s story about working with Sylvie as a therapy hound with Youth Villages — a very interesting and moving tale. If you don’t subscribe to CG Magazine, we recommend it highly. Magazine content is not posted online (remember CG Magazine is a not-for-profit organization).

You can subscribe online at this link:

Sylvie not only is a therapy hound but also is active on the meet and greet circuit. And she is well-known in her hometown for taking her favorite toy on walks. The local newspaper has run pictures of photogenic Sylvie walking with her bear. We’re hoping she will agree to give some “paw-tographs” when she makes her next meet and greet appearance!

A Win for MSGAO!