Articles from June 2013

Why a Greyhound?

Mid-South Greyhound Adoption now has surpassed 700 dogs placed in forever homes!  We asked adopters who are members of our Facebook page to  share what led them to opening their homes and hearts to these magnificent, silly, loving, awesome, gentle dogs.  Here’s what they shared.

Steve Nave:  I wanted a big dog and did a lot of research and thought greyhounds looked like a viable option. Big but easy to handle and very gentle. I went up and met Robert and Becky Frost and their greys. I was sold!

Jessie Huffine Blevens:  We knew we didn’t want a puppy.  There was a show on Animal Planet about adopting retired racers. We researched the breed, found MSGAO and went to check it out. We were picked by two of the most wonderful companions anyone could ask for, and the rest is zoomie, roaching, rooing, snarting history!!

Kelley Moore Snodgres:  I saw two greyhounds together at a dog park. I loved my Italian greyhound and had been around a greyhound many years before and they just fascinated me. So started researching them and realized they were the perfect inside large dog for our family! Now I think they are the best dogs ever!!!

If you’ve been contemplating adopting a greyhound, then we welcome your visit to the MSGAO kennel.  You may just find a new fast friend!

In addition, the Friends of Mid-South Greyhound Adoption Option’s Facebook page has surpassed 500 members.  Feel free to join us there to share the joys of greyhound adoption.

Note:  The Friends of MSGAO Facebook page is independent of MSGAO and all opinions expressed there are solely those of the posters and are neither endorsed by nor affiliated with MSGAO.

Greyhounds Celebrate Dog Park’s Birthday

Leigh & Paul Wilson and the greyhound Max join James Brown and Bette for a shift in the MSGAO booth at the Overton Bark first birthday celebration.

Mid-South Greyhound Adoption Option joined supporter Hollywood Feed in celebrating the first birthday of Overton Bark — the dog park at Overton Park in Memphis.    The birthday celebration for the park was part of the Day of Merrymaking event on the Greensward.  Hollywood Feed is a generous supporter of MSGAO.

A festive statue for the Overton Bark birthday celebration!